About Rock Steady Boxing Mission Bay

Established in 2003.

Third Street Gym was opened in September of 2003, by Paul Wade. The local Gold Glove champion realized that boxing in San Francisco had seen better days, and there was a pressing need for an authentic boxing gym. A vacant space on Third Street was one of many he checked out and he was sold immediately. With concrete walls, iron piping, and low ceilings, it had the look and feel he wanted. A hard space for hard workouts. Today, Third Street Gym is home to many aspiring amateurs and local pros. With it's family-like atmosphere and a class system designed to teach boxing to the masses, 3rd Street Gym has also become home to a growing number of people who recognize the unparalleled benefit of the boxer's workout.
So, if you want to lose weight, get fit, fortify your mind and spirit -- or just hit stuff -- come check out the new breed of gym: 3rd Street Boxing Gym.